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the Allure of Alia

CATCH THE VIBE! at Bittersweet Gallery
with “Vibration” the 2019 jewellery collection of Anne-Marie Chagnon - June 8

Since 2001 Bittersweet Gallery has showcased the works of jewellery designer Anne-Marie Chagnon when she was discovered at a show in Montreal where her designs clearly stood out among others. Every year for more than a decade gallery owner Cheryl Babineau and husband/artist Richard Gill celebrate her latest collection with a trunk show and spring open house that benefits Ovarian cancer research by donating a portion of the proceeds of the popular event. Funds raised go directly to Dr. Barbara Vanderhyden and her research team at the University of Ottawa.


Anne-Marie Chagnon is a perceptive designer, inspired by all that surrounds her interactions with humanity and nature. Emotionally intelligent, she is influenced by a woman's style, posture, gesture or the way their hair falls on the shoulders. With every collection a certain fascination emerges, Ideas surface as she sketches, draws, paints, brainstorming creative options to outline a course that defines her. The dominant designs take shape through countless hours of wax sculpting. She plays and juggles with the pieces, surrounded by her creative team, to form the final designs that will be included in the collection.

With her 2019 collection “Vibration” Anne-Marie has opted for a cocktail of powerful pigments from which exude intensity and softness. Colorful terrazzo and crackled retro patterns combine, soft touches of watercolor and candy-hued pieces embrace oblong satin pearls, while the raw materials, pewter, gold, bronze, resin and glass, come break the straight lines with finesse.

Vibration plunges us into a world of colorful and eclectic pieces where rounded shapes unite with straight lines. It invites us to immerse in a symphony of colors, shapes and textures. Vibration is a tribute to all women who proudly display their colors!


Dr. Vanderhyden is modest. She is, in fact, an internationally recognized ovarian biologist. She joined a fledgling group of cancer researchers at the university in 1991. Four years later, the building that now houses The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Center was constructed and she was named its endowed chair in 2000.

Even the Governor General has noticed. In April 2014, she received the Caring Canadian Award for dedicated volunteerism including volunteer leadership positions she holds with Ovarian Cancer Canada that include raising awareness by meeting with women who are struggling with their diagnosis of ovarian cancer.

Dr. Vanderhyden speaks excitedly about researchers collaborating. And she is keen about her work developing a new generation of scientists. "The research always comes first. It has to. That's my job and that's where I need to have the greatest impact. Anything I can do on the side," she says, "is gravy."

"What we do is not separate from the patients, what we do is for the patients," says Dr. Vanderhyden, noting that testing new treatments is paramount in ovarian cancer. Her most recent publication describes a new treatment for the rarest and most deadly type of ovarian cancer. "If even one woman is cured of her cancer because of a new treatment that we discover, then it's all worth it."


Come, celebrate the remarkable & focused work of 2 women (artist and scientist) and their teams while supporting a good cause!

In the meantime those who are interested can make donations to this cause directly online at

“Vibrations” opens at Bittersweet Gallery in Burnstown Saturday, June 8 - 11 to 5.

Light refreshments will be served and there will be door prizes of jewellery, art and sculpture.

For more details call tel: 613-432-5254 day or tel: 613-433-9990

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