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Artist captures history in clay

Burnstown sculptor Richard Gill has created plenty of custom works during his 37 year career as an artist. Of late he has become fascinated with the documention of the history of civilization, settlements and dwellings. As a former architect who dwells in a log house almost 175 years old (a former tavern or “stopping place”) he has often wondered if only these walls could talk as many of us do when wondering about the goings on of intriguing, notorious places. Over time many stories have been passed down and told to him by former owners and neighbours. After some research & verification he has decided to make the walls surrounding his fireplace talk…. so to speak. What better medium than the durablity of sculpted & fired stoneware clay.

The artist and his wife and partner in art Cheryl Babineau (Bittersweet Gallery owner) welcome visitors to their home to view his creation. Patrons of Bittersweet Gallery also have this opportunity.

Photo credit: James Hutchison of Burnstown Images

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